Alona Bereza

“What the mind suppresses, the body expresses.”

RechargeMe Corporate Yoga & Wellness

Alona Bereza

Alona Bereza is the founder of RechargeMe Yoga, and she’s not just a yoga teacher; she’s someone who found healing through her own experiences. Over a decade ago, Alona set out to heal her body, mind, and emotions, driven by a strong desire to overcome childhood traumas. These experiences left her with physical and mental scars, including shortness of breath, panic attacks, and constant pain from severe scoliosis.

Through dedicated practice, yoga became more than just an exercise for Alona—it became a way of life. It transformed her, cleansing her body of negative energy and freeing her from the challenges she faced. Alona, a natural empath, felt a calling to help others, leading her to become a professional yoga teacher through formal training at Ashram Arhanta Yoga.

In addition to her training, Alona has learned from leading teachers like Kino Macgregor and Gabo Saturno. Alona’s teaching philosophy encourages gradual progress, urging students to explore their potential over time. Her classes evolve to nurture growth and self-discovery.

Alona’s mission is clear: to empower you to heal and rediscover your authentic self. With her gentle yet powerful guidance and extensive knowledge, you’re set to embark on a transformative journey towards ultimate health. Get ready to release stagnant emotions, experience the proven benefits of yoga and meditation, and reconnect with your true self under her supportive mentorship.

All ages and experience levels are welcome!

Individual adjustments and attention are given to target and benefit everyone.